Free Practice for the Duolingo Test

The Dictation Exercise tests your ability to memorize and reproduce a given spoken sentence or short passage. You can listen to the recording 3 times and you should write what you hear on a box that will appear on your screen.

As there is no formal practice for the Duolingo test, I created together with some native friends 5 listening passages so you can practice at home. At the end of this post, you will find the key.

You can check my previous post Dictation Items or the following Dictation Items #3 for further practice. Also, you can also check Duolingo Test Free Practice – Exercises and Information for further practice for the Duolingo English Test. So…what are you waiting for????

Dictation Item #6

Dictation Item #7

Dictation Item #8

Dictation Item #9

Dictation Item #10

Answer Key

  1. No one knows the secret to a perfect life
  2. Have you heard from Mario lately?
  3. Has anybody told you how lucky you are?
  4. They have been to Mexico many times
  5. Winter days are short and depressing