Free Practice for the Duolingo Test

As you already know by my previous posts, the Dictation is one of the items that test takers have to solve in order to move forward in the Duolingo Test. Such exercise test your listening and writing skills together, since you are going to listen to a short passage or spoken sentence and you are expected to write what you hear on a box.

The recording can be played up to 3 times, so take full advantage of that. Try to grasp as much as you can on your first time, and use the other two to check and correct the sentence you’ve written.

As there are no official Duolingo English Test items to train for this type of exercise, I’ve prepared 5 listening passages so you can practice at home. These were all recorded by native speakers from different English speaking countries. At the end of the post, you will see the answer key.

For further practice, go to Dictation Item #5. Also, you can also check Duolingo Test Free Practice – Exercises and Information for further practice for the Duolingo English Test. So…let’s get to it!!!!!

Dictation Item #16

Dictation Item #17

Dictation Item #18

Dictation Item #19

Dictation Item #20

Answer Key

  1. When I realized I was being followed, I changed my mind and went directly to a café
  2. She was just surprised by what was in the envelope
  3. People enjoy having coffee more when they are excited
  4. Riding bicycles reminds me of my early childhood
  5. Should we continue this assignment? It seems that we didn’t understand it correctly