Free Dictation Practice for the Duolingo Test

The Dictation Practice Task is one of the exercises in which Duolingo evaluates your listening and writing skills. In this exercise, you have to listen to a sentence or short passage and transcribe it using the computer keyboard.

You can play the passage three times, so take advantage of that and don’t rush. Check and double-check what you have written before pressing next. And be careful with spelling mistakes!

This exercise examines your ability to recognize words and memorize them to then accurately reproduce them. It is focussed on how you perceive speech and what you understand from a given sentence.

For this reason, I’ve created 5 Dictation Tasks for you to practice at home. They have all been recorded by native speakers from different countries in the world. At the end of this post you will find the key and if you want some further practice, check Dictation Items #2. Also, you can also check Duolingo Test Free Practice – Exercises and Information for further practice for the Duolingo English Test.

Dictation Item #1

Dictation Item #2

Dictation Item #3

Dictation Item #4

Dictation Item #5

Answer key

  1. In order to study at university students are required to pay expensive tuition fees
  2. The days are longer in summertime
  3. I didn’t hear the phone when you last called me
  4. Do you think there’s life on another planet?
  5. Most families enjoy eating dinner together