Free Practice for the Duolingo Test

The Yes/No Vocabulary task assess your ability to recognize true English words. You will see a mixture of 18 words and pseudowords on the screen, but you will only have to click on the real English words and leave the fake ones unclicked.

This exercise had two varieties: the text version and the audio version. In this post, I’ve assembled 5 Yes/No Vocabulary Items of the text version. You have 1 minute to complete this task, but remember if you finish before the minute is complete, you can click next and move to the following question. 

This exercise tests your reading skills and also your spelling. Most of the pseudowords have spelling mistakes, though others might be incorrect conjugation of verbs, inexistent words, or words spelled as they are pronounced.

These exercises have been created to help students practice for free for the Duolingo English Test. For further practice of the text variety of this exercise Yes/No Vocabulary Items #2 – Text Version and click Duolingo – Yes/No Vocabulary Items – Audio Version for the audio version. Also, you can also check Duolingo Test Free Practice – Exercises and Information for further practice for the Duolingo English Test.

Yes/No Vocabulary Item #1

Yes/No Vocabulary Item #2

Yes/No Vocabulary Item #3

Yes/No Vocabulary Item #4

Yes/No Vocabulary Item #5