Get 2 Full Duolingo Tests in the latest format (May 2023)

These are the new and improved Duolingo English Tests to practice at home, with all the changes introduced in May 2023. Both tests mock the style of the real DET, They are 90-minute-long VIDEO TESTS with the answer key.

Each test includes:

  • 3 Speaking Questions  (Describe aloud the image, Speak your answer to the question, and Speak the answer to the questions you hear)
  • 4 Writing Questions  (Write a description of the image below and Write about the topic below for 5 minutes)
  • 3 Elicit Imitation Items (Read aloud) 
  • 7 C-test Items (Fill in the missing letters)
  • 5 Dictation Items (Type the statement you hear)
  • 5 Vocabulary Items (Select the real English words from the list)
  • 12 Image Identification Items (Speak the English word for each image)
  • 3 Interactive Reading Questions
  • 1 Writing Interview Question (Write for 3 to 5 minutes about a topic)
  • 1 Speaking Interview Questions (Speak for 1 to 3 minutes about a topic)

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Disclaimer: The courses on this site were created by Teacher Leda. The exercises are based on the Duolingo English Test, but they have not been copied from it. All courses are non-refundable.