Let’s de-stress your IELTS Test

Writing for IELTS is widely considered one of the most demanding parts of the exam.

We all know the stress and frustration when writing a complete essay, meeting the 250-word minimum, or even coming up with solid ideas.

You might be feeling the stress too, with your dreams, career ambitions, and maybe even university acceptance riding on this one test.

So, completing the IELTS writing tasks is crucial as it represents a significant step towards achieving your long-term goals, unlocking doors to exciting opportunities. 

The road to success

It’s true that many students tend to get lost in the vast universe of IELTS preparation with too many rules and unclear concepts. They fail to write a full essay or a complete report and get discouraged by their lack of feedback and low-quality material. Many are also unable to afford private classes, and the available courses online can feel overly general and fail to address their individual needs at all.

Believe it or not, even teachers may find themselves challenged by IELTS writing tasks. In some cases, they may experience confusion or a lack of direction when approaching this section of the exam. This can make it difficult for them to create solid teaching methods, which could ultimately hold students back on the IELTS writing test. Besides, textbooks and other traditional resources might not always offer the help and assistance teachers need to really guide their students to success.

Knowing these struggles, I decided to share my IELTS WRITING CLASS RESOURCES with you. I created these PDF files to teach my IELTS students and now I’ve organized them here by category: Task 2, Task 1 Academic, and Task 1 General. They’ll guide you step-by-step through writing effective essays, reports, and letters, with all the strategies you need to develop strong writing skills. Plus, each class includes an example to show you exactly what a band 7+ writing looks like and guide your practice.

Agree or Disagree Essay $12.99

Discuss Two Views Essays $9.99

Adv and Disad Essay $12.99

Answer The Questions $9.99

Introductions $4.99

Topic Sentence $4.99

Paragraph $4.99

Application $4.99

Complaint $4.99

Informal $4.99